Life insurance – it’s not all about death!

Life insurance is one of those things you must have if you have a mortgage (and probably should have, even if you don’t) but it’s certainly not something you like to pay for or think about. But a good life insurance policy is not all about dying, it’s about providing for you AND your loved ones in the event of all sorts of life changing situations, not just the worst case scenario.

If you have a mortgage here in Spain, the bank providing the mortgage will probably have provided the life insurance too; they may have even told you that you have to have a policy with them. This is not true and you would be surprised at the difference in the cost of a policy: you could be paying up to twice as much for your bank’s recommended life insurance company compared to an independent company such as Liberty Seguros. Many life insurance policies will only cover you up to 70 years of age; Liberty now offers life cover up to your 80th year.

If you have an accident and can’t work due to disability, the right life insurance policy will pay you a sum enabling you to pay the potential additional expenses and avoid a loss of income which would affect you and your family.

Life insurance is one of the best things you can do to take care of yourself and your family financially, in the event that one day you're not around to do so. If there are people who can't afford to lose you, you can't afford to be without life insurance.

Because life is unpredictable, make sure you and your family’s future is protected.

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